Dysuria is a common medical condition that is characterized as painful or difficult urination. Treatment for dysuria depends on the cause. Currently, there are a number of ailments that can lead to painful urination, including infections, sexually transmitted diseases, inflammatory conditions, and more. 

Dysuria Treatments
As mentioned previously, treatment for dysuria will depend on the cause of the patient’s symptoms. Generally speaking, antibiotics may be used in patients with dysuria to combat the underlying condition and subsequently reduce pain. If the patient suffers from an inflammatory urological condition, such as vaginitis or vulval candidiasis, and antifungal medication may be used to minimize their pain symptoms and treat their condition. A topical estrogen cream may also be prescribed to patients who suffer from painful or difficult urination as a result of frequent UTIs or cystitis. Lastly, urinary anesthetics can be helpful in reducing painful or difficult urination in patients who have not experienced relief from other treatment options. 

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