Providing Hope for Urinary and Prostate Conditions

Dr. Daniel Jaffee is pioneering the movement of training doctors in the UroLift and InterStim systems for prostate and urinary disorders.

Daniel Jaffee, MD, is a physician with a long history of experience in treating bladder, kidney, urinary, and prostate conditions—and now, the dedicated doctor has been selected as one of the few physicians in the country as an expert on two innovative genitourinary devices. 

Dr. Jaffee has been selected as a trainer for the UroLift System for treating benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), or an enlarged prostate not due to cancer, as well as the InterStim System, a device for treating urinary incontinence and overactive bladder. As an official UroLift faculty member, Dr. Jaffee is now able to expand the reach of the system by training other doctors on how to use the devices. 

An expert in his field, Dr. Jaffee is passionate about not only the use of these new devices, but ensuring that other doctors are aware of the latest technology in order to put it to use for their own patients. Dr. Jaffee is transforming the landscape of prostate and urinary health as a leader, trainer, and mentor for other physicians. 

Pioneering Treatment

You could say that Dr. Jaffee was destined to be a leader in the urology field—his own father was a urologist who made a lasting impact on him as a young man discerning his own place in medicine. 

“I saw how passionate my father was about caring for people and how meticulous he was as a surgeon; he combined his love of science, medicine, and people," Dr. Jaffee says of his father’s influence. "He found his work to be profoundly satisfying, and I am fortunate enough to have followed in his footsteps.”

He followed that influence directly to Albany Medical College, where he was able to partake in prostate disease research at the Leahy Clinic in Massachusetts, an experience that solidified his decision to become a urologist. 

Today, with Affiliated Urologists, Dr. Jaffee serves as one of the four training sites for InterStim in the entire country, and one of ten sites west of and including Texas for UroLift. He became a UroLift faculty member in 2020, and has been working as an InterStim training site for two and a half years, placing the device himself since 2004. 

Additionally, Dr. Jaffe’s practice has been designated a "Center of Excellence" for UroLift, a distinction given only to practices that achieved the highest level of training and experience with the UroLift System.

Technology that Makes a Difference

Dr. Jaffee was chosen to become a UroLift faculty member and designated as an InterStim training site based on his extensive use of both devices over the years. Clearly, Dr. Jaffee is an expert in what he does, but just why is he so passionate about these two devices? The answer is simple—because he knows that they make a difference. 

As Dr. Jaffee explains, the UroLift System is a minimally invasive treatment that treats benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), or an enlarged prostate not due to cancer.

“Nearly 80% of men over age 60 are likely to have prostate enlargement, which affects urination,” he notes. “The UroLift is an excellent option for most of these cases. It’s the only BPH treatment without any risk of long-term side effects, it’s highly effective, and it’s the least invasive system with the fastest recovery treatment available.” 

On the other end of the spectrum, the InterStim is an implanted device that stimulates the sacral nerve through an electrical current, which helps to stabilize the communication between the bladder, bowel, and brain. 

“The InterStim is highly effective in treatment of urinary frequency/urgency and leakage associated with urgency in patients who have failed medications,” says Dr. Jaffee. “It's an incredibly valuable treatment to address a very common, very bothersome condition.”   

Passing the Baton through Physician-to-Physician Training 

Dr. Jaffee made history as one of the first doctors in the United States to perform the UroLift System procedure. “I was among the first to perform Urolift in the country,” Dr. Jaffee explains. “I began as soon as the FDA approved the treatment.” 

Recognizing the potential for emerging treatments is a large focus of Dr. Jaffee’s practice —and something he is passionate about passing on to other physicians. He was selected by both UroLift and InterStim based on stringent requirements in order to be an expert trainer and educate other physicians on how to utilize the systems. 

Dr. Jaffee’s practice, through innovative treatment pathways and effective outcomes, has spoken for itself to make him qualified to share his expertise with other doctors. And for patients seeking the highest quality care, who better to choose for treatment than the doctor who trains other doctors?

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