Dr. Jaffee receives UroLift® Center of Excellence recognition

We are proud to announce that Dr. Daniel Jaffee’s practice at Affiliated Urologists has been designated a UroLift® Center of Excellence.

Dr. Jaffee receives UroLift® Center of Excellence recognition

The award means Dr. Jaffee has achieved a high level of training and experience with the Urolift System and has shown a commitment to exemplary care for men with benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH).

"The UroLift System is a breakthrough minimally invasive treatment that typically takes less than an hour and can offer multiple benefits for men with enlarged prostate—no cutting, heating, or removal of tissue, minimal downtime, no compromise of sexual function, and typically no need for continued medications,” Dr. Jaffee said. “I am proud to be a national leader in treating patients with this durable and effective treatment.”

The Urolift system is a minimally invasive technology for treating symptoms of BPH, which can include interrupted sleep and urinary problems. BPH sometimes occurs as men age when the prostate gland that surrounds the male urethra becomes enlarged and begins to block the urinary system.

Doctors usually try medication first for enlarged prostate, but it doesn’t always provide relief and can cause side effects such as sexual dysfunction, dizziness, and headaches.

The classic alternative for those patients has been surgery that cuts, heats, or removes prostate tissue to open the blocked urethra. While that surgery can very effectively relieve symptoms, it can also result in permanent side effects, such as urinary incontinence, erectile dysfunction, and retrograde ejaculation.

Five-year data from a randomized study showed that after five years, patients treated with the UroLift System continued to have relief from their symptoms with minimal side effects, and few patients needed an additional procedure. A second randomized clinical trial, called BPH6, showed that the UroLift System worked well when compared with the reference standard surgery and was better than the standard surgery at preserving sexual function and providing a quicker recovery period.

Dr. Jaffee, who joined Affiliated Urologists in 2013, is double board certified in urology, and female pelvic medicine and reconstructive surgery.

He received his bachelor’s degree at McGill University in Montreal, Canada in 1993. After graduating from McGill magna cum laude, Dr. Jaffee received his medical degree from Albany Medical College in New York.

He completed his surgical internship and urology residency at SUNY Stony Brook, then practiced urology in a diverse academic setting for 10 years in Providence, Rhode Island. He also gave lectures and mentored the medical students at Brown University School of Medicine.

Dr. Jaffee is proficient in the treatment of diseases affecting the prostate, bladder, kidney, and genitourinary system. He has additional expertise in issues relating to female pelvic organs and incontinence.

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