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Blood in urine is categorized two separate ways: gross hematuria and microscopic hematuria. 

If a diabetic has a hard time controlling their blood glucose levels, they may be at risk of damaging other structures of their bodies. 

When the Affiliated Urologists team talks about urethral bulking, we are talking about a procedure to treat urinary stress incontinence. 

Ahh, the holidays! There’s nothing like loading up on sugary treats, lots of alcohol, and honey ham, right? Right, but now that the holiday season is over, the physicians at Affiliated Urologists want patients to understand there are foods that can cause kidney stones, like the ones mentioned above (i.e. sugary treats, alcohol, and salty/sugary meat), and foods that can prevent them.

Many articles and blogs posted on the Internet only address the male population when it comes to seeing a urologist, but it’s equally important for women to do the same! 

Urology is a surgical specialty that diagnoses and treats diseases affecting the urinary tract(s) of males and females. This field of medicine also deals with conditions that affect the male reproductive organs.

Hello and welcome to the Affiliated Urologists blog! We are an award-winning practice that provides excellent urological care to patients throughout metropolitan Phoenix. We hope you gain invaluable insight regarding your urological health from these blogs. Moreover, we hope you will consider our team of highly qualified physicians to address any and all of your urological healthcare needs.

Affiliated Urologists is pleased to introduce its newest physician, Dr. Daniel E. Cooper.

You may have always known regular physical activity is good for you, but did you know how good? Exercise can improve your mood, give you more energy and help you live longer. 

New patients are always welcome.

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