Enterocele- Causes, Symptoms and Treatments

Enterocele, or small bowel prolapse, develops when the small intestine lowers into the pelvic cavity and pushes out the top of the vagina, creating a bulge. 

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  • Certain life instances or processes that are common for women may weaken the pelvic muscles and make a small bowel prolapse occur.
  • The team at Affiliated Urologists discuss the causes, symptoms and treatments for enterocele (small bowel prolapse).


As alluded to previously, enterocele is usually caused by life occurrences like pregnancy, childbirth, aging and other processes. These factors put pressure on the pelvic floor and weaken muscles that support pelvic organs, causing the small intestine to bulge. Other causes may include:

  • Chronic constipation or straining bowel movements
  • Chronic cough
  • Bronchitis
  • Heavy lifting
  • Being overweight or obese


Mild cases of enterocele may produce no signs or symptoms, but more severe cases could cause feelings of fullness or a pulling sensation. Other symptoms generally include:

  • Pressure or pain in your pelvic region
  • Low back pain
  • Bulge of tissue in your vagina
  • Painful intercourse
  • Vaginal discomfort or a pulling sensation in your pelvis


Treatment for enterocele depends on the severity of the condition. Mild cases can usually find relief with pelvic muscle exercises (kegel exercises) that strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. Moderate to severe cases may require a vaginal pessary or surgery to repair the prolapse through the vagina or abdomen. To learn more about minimally invasive surgery for enterocele, please visit our female conditions page.

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