Dr. Dan Cooper Visits Haiti On A Medical Mission Trip!

We provide sustainable, real support to Haitians in need, enriching their lives both spiritually and physically. Northwest Haiti Christian Mission was established in 1979 by a group of missionaries who traveled to Haiti and saw the deep need for a mission devoted to sharing the good news of Christ and meeting the many urgent physical needs of the Haitian people.
Since its beginning, Northwest Haiti Christian Mission has grown vastly in size and scope.
At the main campus in Saint-Louis du Nord, the mission has a church (built on the site of an old Voodoo temple), schools, a nutrition program, orphanages, a Bible College, an Aquaponics program, Gran Moun (elderly home), surgical center, birthing center and various clinics.
In a typical month, the campus bustles with activity – local Haitians come and go for general medical care, babies are born, students shuffle to and from Bible classes, old men and women come to visit friends, and children run to get in line for hot meals.
Add to that the constant ebb and flow of visiting American teams, and it can often feel like a small city.
In another city a few hours away, the mission runs an orphanage with nearly 150 children in Saline Mayette. A seven-year drought in that region left many people dead and multitudes of children without parents, prompting the mission to step in and offer them a future with hope. They now attend classes and a church on the campus. Some of the orphans who came to the mission years ago have become active workers for the Lord and for the mission.
Northwest Haiti Christian Mission is continually building new churches, schools, clinics, and orphanages throughout the area, expanding most rapidly in the Far West region of the country, an extremely rural zone with many needs and little assistance. NWHCM now has established campuses in La Baie, Beauchamp and Mole Saint Nicolas. The Neighbors Project is a program that NWHCM created to partner American churches with Haitian churches, helping expand the impact of NWHCM throughout the region. The mission employs Haitian preachers, school teachers, medical personnel and support staff. Stateside, we’re headquartered in Zionsville, Indiana. Our office there receives, sorts, packs, and ships thousands of pounds of clothing, food, and medicine for Haiti every year.
Pic 1 (on a moped): Dr. Cooper riding on one of the local moped taxis, in search of medical equipment (scope) to support the medical team and urology specific procedures. 
 Dr. Cooper on a moped in Haiti
Pic 2 (in OR): Dr. Cooper teaching an OR volunteer (and future surgeon! :-) ) how to appropriately suture. Surgical staff and case assists are learning to perform circumcisions.
Dr. Cooper teaching OR volunteer in Haiti
Pic 3 (with Haitian family): One of the families Dr. Cooper assisted during his time in Haiti. 
One of the families Dr. Copper assisted for during his time in Haiti. 

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