Dr. Dan Cooper Returns to Haiti On A Medical Mission Trip!

Dr. Daniel Cooper, one of Affiliated Urologists' physicians, once again was able to complete a successful surgical mission to Haiti this year.

Dr. Cooper volunteers his time at the Northwest Haiti Christian Mission, which provides medical and surgical care to an extremely impoverished and medically underserved region of Haiti. Established in 1979, the mission has grown to support a birthing center, an orphanage, a primary school, and a community nutrition program.

This year, thanks to a vigorous fundraising effort using generous donations from industry sponsors and the Affiliated Urologists team, Dr. Cooper was able to acquire medical equipment and supplies for the mission valued at over $130,000.

His efforts included establishing the first prostate electrovaporization program for advanced endoscopic treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) for this needy population. Vaporization therapy allows for safe and efficient removal of obstructing prostate tissue while minimizing blood loss and the need for hospitalization which is a major advantage over traditional surgical therapies for BPH.

BPH, which is increasingly common as men age beyond their 40s, can cause a weak urine stream, more frequent and urgent need to urinate, waking up at night to urinate, and urinary leakage. If left untreated, BPH can lead to urinary retention (requiring urinary catheters), urinary tract infections, and even kidney failure. The majority of his Haitian patients were entirely dependent on urinary catheters prior to surgery and were able to void normally again following their procedure.

Dr. Cooper and his surgical team performed nearly 60 surgical procedures during their week in Haiti. He plans to continue to support the Haitian people through the Northwest Haiti Christian Mission during his annual excursion to the Island.

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