Color of Pee: What Do They All Mean?

The color of your urine can say a lot about your overall health and wellbeing.

Color of Pee: What Do They All Mean?

Transparent – Dark Yellow

There are a few colors in between this segment, like a pale straw color and transparent yellow, but for the most part, these colors indicate you’re well hydrated and in the normal range. Transparent may indicate you’re drinking too much water (yes, that’s a thing!) and that you may need to cut back a little. Dark yellow is still considered normal, but you may want to drink some water to get into the pale straw/transparent yellow stages. 

Amber or Dark Brown

These colors may indicate moderate to severe dehydration and that you need to drink water as soon as possible. This concept resonates more with amber or honey-colored urine. If your pee is a darkish brown you could either have severe dehydration or liver disease. Don’t panic just yet—drink some water and if the problem persists, call our team at Affiliated Urologists as soon as possible.

Orange, Pink or Red

Orange urine could mean the following things: you’re not drinking enough water and you need to soon, you have a liver or bile duct infection or condition, or you ate something with orange-colored food dye. Call us if your orange pee lasts more than a few days. Pink or red urine may come from something you ate as well, like beets or rhubarb. Don’t panic. Call our team and we’ll run some tests to rule out certain cancers or diseases.

Blue, Green or Fizzing

A little unusual, yes, but blue or green urine is possible. Most times it’s from something you ate or a medication you’re taking, but it could be from a rare genetic disease too. Call us and we’ll run some tests. Also, if your pee is foamy or fizzy, it could mean you’re eating a lot of protein. It could also indicate a kidney problem. Schedule an appointment with our urologists if it happens frequently.

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