3-Pointer Guide to a Vasectomy

Learning how to shoot a 3-pointer in basketball is surprisingly similar to getting a vasectomy! 

In fact, it’s no surprise the two go hand-in-hand during this time of year. Men across the country participate in what we call “March Vasness,” which is the concept of getting a vasectomy during March Madness.

During March Vasness at Affiliated Urologists, patients can receive a free Papa John's pizza after their vasectomy. The offer starts before the tournament (Monday, March 1) and ends the day of the championship game (Monday, April 3)!

Now, back to the matter at hand. Check out how similar the steps to achieving a 3-pointer are to the vasectomy procedure!

1.    Wait until you’re ready.

Before you start shooting a 3-pointer, you'll want to make sure your mind and body are ready. Basketball is just as much a mental game as it is a physical one -- it requires tactful decision-making skills. You also have to work on making sure your body is conditioned and ready for the act of shooting a 3-pointer.

Having a vasectomy is very much the same: our experts at Affiliated Urologists want to make sure you’re ready for the procedure. It’s important to make sure your family is complete and that you're ready to stop having kids. It's also imperative you have the vasectomy conversation with your loved one. Another important consideration: is your body physically ready to undergo the procedure? You may need to stop taking certain medications or cease smoking a few weeks prior to the procedure.

2.    Learn the technique to gain confidence.

In order to shoot a 3-pointer, you have to go through the steps in your head. Visualize the basket, get your arms into position, bend your legs, jump, shoot, and follow through. It’s a not a long process, but it happens quickly.

At Affiliated Urologists, we like to help our patients come into each procedure with confidence by explaining our own technique! When patients undergo a procedure, they are first cleaned with a sterilizing solution and then given an anesthetic. Next, small incisions are made in the scrotum. The vas deferens are located and cut. Depending on the surgeon’s preference, the ends could be tied or sealed using various techniques. Once complete, the incision is closed. Overall, a vasectomy only takes about 30 minutes to complete and patients can leave the same day.

3.    Hit the showers.

Shooting a 3-pointer and playing the game of basketball, in general, can be tough on the body. Your muscles might be sore and you may feel a little tired. Three-pointers require a lot of training, but it’s harmful to the body not to give it a little rest.

Patients undergoing a vasectomy may experience something similar. After the procedure, patients may notice minor swelling and pain. Patients may also experience some fatigue. This is partly due to the anesthesia and pre-surgery nerves that can take a toll on the body now that it has a chance to relax. Following the procedure, our experts highly recommend patients take it easy and rest.

Remember, patience is key. Like shooting a 3-pointer, results don’t come overnight. In fact, a vasectomy might take up to 16 weeks or around 15 ejaculations to be fully effective. Everybody's outcomes are different and healing times may vary as well. Nevertheless, the Affiliated Urologists team is happy to answer any questions you may have!

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The advice and information contained in this article are for educational purposes only and is not intended to replace or counter a physician’s advice or judgment. Please always consult your physician before taking any advice learned here or in any other educational medical material.

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